Bus10306 Management, Bus10311 Marketing, Bus20119 Information Management (Modules From Associate Of Business Administration In International Business Management) - Uow College Hong Kong

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    Bus10306 Management, Bus10311 Marketing, Bus20119 Information Management (Modules From Associate Of Business Administration In International Business Management) - Uow College Hong Kong








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    (A) Hong Kong Diploma Of Secondary Education (Hkdse): (I) Level 2 Or Above In Five Hkdse Subjects Including Chinese Language 1 And English Language 2; (Ii) If A Subject Under “Other Languages” Is Used For Meeting The Requirement In (I), A Minimum Of Grade E Is Required; (Iii) A Maximum Of Two Applied Learning Subjects Graded “Attained” Or Above Can Be Included For Meeting The Requirement In (I). [Remarks: (1) For Applicants Who Have Either Learned Chinese Language For Less Than 6 Years While Receiving Primary And Secondary Education Or Learned Chinese Language For 6 Years Or More In Schools, But Have Been Taught An Adapted And Simpler Chinese Language Curriculum Not Normally Applicable To The Majority Of Students In Local Schools, Alternative Chinese Language Qualifications (Gce Al/As Chinese Grade E Or Gcse/Igcse Chinese Grade C) Or Grade E In Hkdse “Other Languages” Can Replace Chinese Language Level 2. (2) Candidates Applying For Entry Based On Their Hkdse Results Cannot Replace Hkdse English Language Level 2 With Gce/Gcse/Igcse Subjects Or Toefl Or Ielts.] (B) Other Equivalent Qualifications: (I) Completion Of The Uowchk/Cccu Diploma In General Studies Programme Or A One-Year Full-Time Pre-Associate Degree Programme; (Ii) Grade E Or Above In One General Certificate Of Education A-Level (Or A2)/International A-Level Subject. Two Advanced Subsidiary (As) Level Subjects Will Be Considered Equivalent To One Gce A-Level. The Same Subject May Not Be Counted At Both The A Level And As Level; (Iii) A National University Entrance Examination (普通高等學校招生全國統一考試) Score Above The Cut-Off Lines Set For Entry Into Non-Government Universities (本科三批分數綫) And A Minimum English Score Of 100. (Iv) Other Equivalent Qualifications, Including International Baccalaureate Diploma, Are Also Accepted As Satisfying The Entrance Requirements. (C) Mature Applicant Aged 23 Or Above By September 1 Of The Year Of Admission.


    (A) Bus10306 Management (1) Managers And Management (3 Hours) (2) The Management Environment (3 Hours) (3) Social Responsibility And Ethics (3 Hours) (4) Foundations Of Decision Making (4 Hours) (5) Foundations Of Planning (5 Hours) (6) Basic Organization Designs (3 Hours) (7) Staffing And Human Resource Management (4 Hours) (8) Motivating And Rewarding Employees (4 Hours) (9) Communication And Interpersonal (3 Hours) (10) Foundations Of Control (3 Hours) (11) Business Functions Management (2 Hours) (12) Contemporary Management Concepts And Techniques (2 Hours) (B) Bus10311 Marketing (1) Marketing Philosophy (3 Hours) (2) Marketing Planning Process & Social Responsibility And Ethics (6 Hours) (3) Consumer Behavior Analysis (6 Hours) (4) Micro Environment Analysis Macro Environment Analysis (6 Hours) (5) Segmentation, Targeting And Positioning Strategies (6 Hours) (6) Product Strategies (3 Hours) (7) Pricing Strategies (3 Hours) (8) Place Strategies (3 Hours) (9) Promotion Strategies (3 Hours) (C) Bus20119 Information Management (1) The Importance Of Management Information Systems (3 Hours) (2) Organizational Strategy, Information Systems, And Competitive Advantage (4 Hours) (3) Hardware, Software And Mobile Systems (4 Hours) (4) Database Processing (4 Hours) (5) The Big Data/ Cloud Computing (4 Hours) (6) Organizations And Information Systems (4 Hours) (7) Social Media Information Systems (4 Hours) (8) Business Intelligence Systems (4 Hours) (9) Information Systems Security (4 Hours) (10) Information Systems Development (4 Hours)