Certificate In Spanish (Intermediate) - School Of Professional And Continuing Education, Hku

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    Certificate In Spanish (Intermediate) - School Of Professional And Continuing Education, Hku








    120 HOURS




    Applicants Shall Have: A) I) Obtained The Certificate In Spanish (Introductory), Awarded Within The Hku System Through Hku Space; Or Ii) Studied Approximately 110-130 Hours Of Spanish At A Different Institution; And B) Sufficient English Proficiency To Follow Simple Explanations In English. Other Applicants May Be Interviewed If Necessary To Confirm Their Suitability For The Programme, E.G. If They Are Studied A Similar Number Of Hours Elsewhere Or Have Alternative Experience Learning The Language, Such As A Study Visit To The Country.


    Spending Time With Friends: - Social Talk, Describing A Person And Character, Talking About Events In One'S Life, Cultural Activities. (10 Hrs) - Reflexive Verbs, Tense Practice: Pasado Perfecto, Direct And Indirect Object. (10 Hrs) Homes: - Reading Adverts For Flats / Houses, Describing One'S Home, Making Comparisons Of Homes, Reading About Quality Of Life In Spain. (10 Hrs) - Language Functions: Answering The Phone, Offering Help, Expressing Doubt & Surprise, Superlative Forms. (10 Hrs) Health: Talking About Food And Health, Spanish Culture And Food, Describing A Recipe And Contents Of A Dish, Vocabulary Of Sport, Group Survey: Fitness, Gerund Forms, Comparative And Superlative Forms (10 Hrs) Past Events: Talking About Fashions From The Past, Exchanging Memories Of Childhood, Describing Changes In A Town, Describing A Photo, Looking For Information In A Press Article, Imperfect Tense, Present Conditional, Pronoun Forms, Spain Today And In The Past. (10 Hrs) Workplace Information Exchange: Talking About The Internet, Terms From The Internet, Offering Help, Telephone Language, Making Lists Of Office Tasks, Vocabulary Of Devices Of Communication, Mobile Phones And Text Messages, Imperative Forms, Indefinite Adjectives. (10 Hrs) Telling Tales: - Recounting Events From Films, A Trip, A Book Etc, Reading An Extract From A Spanish Story, Writing A Journal Entry, Talking About A Newspaper Story, Keeping Conversation Going. (10 Hrs) - Talking About A Holiday Experience, Comparison Of Past Tense Forms: Imperfecto & Pasado Perfecto. (10 Hrs) The Future: - Expressing Doubts About Something. (10 Hrs) - Informal Telephone Conversation About Future Plans, Reading A Poem, Discussing Wishes For Future, Talking About Health Problems In A Pharmacy, Horoscopes, Future Simple Tense. (10 Hrs) Travel In Spain: Things To Do In Spain, Travelling By Car In Spain, Asking For Help, Reading About Life As A Foreigner In Spain, Multicultural Spain, Discussing Life In A Foreign Country, Presenting One'S Own Town, Modal Verbs Pasado Perfecto Forms, Expressing A Hypothesis With The Future Simple. (10 Hrs)