Certificate In Business Communication - Vocational Training Council

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    Certificate In Business Communication - Vocational Training Council












    ~ Form 5 Level With At Least One Year Of Work Experience Applicants Who Do Not Satisfy The Admission Requirement Are Required To Pass An Interview And A Placement Test. A 15-Minute Interview Of The Following Components Will Be Conducted By The Course Director And A Qualified English Language Trainer Of Vtc, Who Has A Ba In English / Linguistics Or Tesl And At Least 5 Years Of Language Teaching Experience And Should Be At The Rank Of Training Consultant Or Above


    Module 1: Practical English Grammar In The Business Context (30 Hours) Topics Include: (I) Use Of Sentence Structures In Different Types Of Business Correspondence; (Ii) Introduction Of Model Verbs In Expressing Degree Of Certainty; (Iii) Use Of Tenses In Different Situations; Iv)Gerunds; Infinitives; Direct & Indirect Questions; V) Active & Passive Voices In Handling Written Complaints; (Vi) Relative & Participial Phrases/ Clauses To Express Cause And Effect Relationship; (Vii) Adjective & Adverb Phrases/Clauses To Stress The Importance Of The Messages; (Viii) Comparatives & Superlatives; Collective Nouns; Conditions And Phrasal Verbs; (Ix) Idiomatic Expressions Module 2: Strengthening Your Vocabulary Power (20 Hours) - Aims At Helping The Participants Understand The Principels Of Word Formation, And The Meaning Of The Words Through The Knowing Of Prefix, Root, And Suffix. A Wide Range Of Vocabulary Relating To Daily Life Will Also Be Introduced To Students. Module 3: Pronunication That Works (20 Hours)- Topics Include (I) Consonants, Vowels And Diphthongs; (Ii) Syllable Word And Sentence Stress; (Iii) Rhythm Intonation (Iv) Intonation. The Course Will Also Enable Particpants To Practise Stressing Important Words In Order To Express What You Want To Say Clearly. Paired And Small Group Activities Will Be Conducted. The Focus Will Be On Correcting Pronunciation, Intonation, And Stress. Module 4: Effective Business Writing (30 Hours) - Topics Include (I) Business Writing Principles, Appropriate Tone And Style, Memo Writing And Email Messages, Letter Of Enquireis And Replies, Complaints And Adjustments, Unpleasant Messages Such As Refusing Requests, Presuasive Messages.... Module 5: Polishing Your English Oral Skills In The Workplace (20 Hours) - Aims At Developing Essential Skills Such As Greeting And Socializing, Talking About Yourselves And Your Company, Leaving Or Taking Messages, Offering Assistance, Handling Requests, And Inquiries And Replies, Discussion Techniques, Understanding And Responding To Instructions, Making Suggestions And Supporting Opinions.