Certificate In German (Upper Intermediate) - School Of Professional And Continuing Education, Hku

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    Certificate In German (Upper Intermediate) - School Of Professional And Continuing Education, Hku








    120 HOURS / Part-time




    Applicants Shall Have: A) I) Obtained The Certificate In German (Intermediate), Awarded Within The Hku System Through Hku Space; Or Ii) Studied Approximately 230-250 Hours Of German At A Different Institution; And B) Sufficient English Proficiency To Follow Simple Explanations In English. Other Applicants May Be Interviewed If Necessary To Confirm Their Suitability For The Programme, E.G. If They Are Studied A Similar Number Of Hours Elsewhere Or Have Alternative Experience Learning The Language, Such As A Study Visit To The Country.


    Myths And Icons: Famous German Stars And Icons, Describing Typical Objects From Your Country, Asking And Answering Questions About An Object, Listening And Reading About Some Famous German, Text Organization; Looking For Information In A Text, Verb Form, Diminutive Forms, Gerunds. (10 Hrs) Time: Expressions About Time, Talking About How We Organise Our Time, Making Apologies And Responding To Them, Time-Saving: Reading About Home Banking, At The Hairdresser'S, Expressing Uncertainty, Combined Pronoun Practice. (10 Hrs) Cities: - Talking About Geography, Economy And Trade Of A Region, Comparing Advantages And Disadvantages Of Life In A City, Reading About Evening Activities, Discussing Working Conditions And Expressing An Opinion On Facilities In Town. (10 Hrs) - Email Writing, Passive Forms, Forms: Indirect Speech. (10 Hrs) Free Time: Discussing Activities Done On Sundays, Reading A Survey On Sundays In The German Culture, Proposing An Activity; Accepting And Refusing An Invitation, Comparing Tv Habits, Comparing Magazines, Impersonal Reflexive Forms, Imperfect Conjunctive, Hypothetical Periods Of Time (10 Hrs) Change: - Discussing Changes In Family Units, Discussing Social Change In Germany (Matrimony, Immigration, Emigration, Birth Rate Etc.), Asking For Information On The Phone, Making Suppositions, Reading: Extract From German Classic. (10 Hrs) - Talking About Prospective Professions And The Search For Work: Irregular Comparative And Superlative Forms, Future Anterior Tense, Hypothetical Time. (10 Hrs) Holidays: - Discussing Characteristics Of A Region, Conversations About Holidays, What You Would Pack For A Holiday, Drawing Up Priorities, Comparing Holidays, Reading Tourist Guides, Giving Advice On A Holiday Purchase, Relative Pronouns, Passive Forms, Partitive Pronouns. (10 Hrs) When Things Go Wrong: - Describing Things That Went Wrong, Giving Advice, German Road Signs, Phone Skills Expressing And Defending One'S Position, Talking About Health Problems With A Doctor. (10 Hrs) - Recounting Extraordinary Events: Expressing Surprise, Making Comparisons. (10 Hrs) Relationships: Discussing Relationships With Friends And Parents, Referring To Events In The Past, Affirming One'S Point Of View, Reading Letters About Relationships, Expressing Feeling And Emotions, Remote Past Forms, Indirect Speech, Impersonal Forms. (10 Hrs) German Culture: Food From Different Regions, Talking About Historical Events, Regions And Dialects In Germany, Festivals, Comparing German Festivals With Those In Hong Kong, About Festivals In Hong Kong, Expressing The Necessity To Do Something, Past Participle Practice, Adjectives: Prefixes And Suffixes, Hypothetical Time. (10 Hrs)