'Legal Environment' (1 Module From The Professional Diploma In Accounting & Finance Offered By Vtc-Ive (Cw)) - Vocational Training Council

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    'Legal Environment' (1 Module From The Professional Diploma In Accounting & Finance Offered By Vtc-Ive (Cw)) - Vocational Training Council












    ~Holder Of Ive Higher Diploma/Associate Degree In Accountancy Or Hkiaat Accounting Technicians Examination Graduates; Or ~Those Who Do Not Have The Above Qualifications But Over 23 Years Old On 1 Sep In The Year Of Application And Possess At Least 5 Years’ Working Experience Can Be Admitted As Mature Student. Applicants Under This Category May Be Invited To Attend An Interview For Assessment Purpose


    1) Overall Sturcture Of The Hk Legal System, The System Of Courts And The Adminstration Of Justice, The Work Of Solicitors And Barristers, Precedent And Statutory Interpretation (3 Hours) 2) Case Law And Legislationm, Bribery And Corruption Laws, Basic Law Of The Hksar ( 3 Hours) 3) Nature Of A Limited Company And The Concept Of Separate Legal Entity And Their Significance In A Business Environment, The Limited Company And Other Types Of Business Organisations Business Registration Ordinance.(3 Hours) 4) The Consequences Of Separate Legal Entity, The Relationship Of Legal Entity To Limited Liability (3 Hours) 5) Essential Framework Of A Limited Company, Formation Of A Company And The Nature Of Its Constitution, Memorandum And Articles Of Association, Ultra Vires And The Contractual Capacity Of A Company. (3 Hours) 6) The Formalities And The Role Of The Registrar, Registration Of Shares, Charges, Directors And Directors' Shareholdings, Statutory Books Record And Returns. (3 Hours) 7) Registration Of Oversea Companies ( 3 Hours) 8) Legal Obligations Of The Management In Relation To The Adminstration Of The Company, Directors: Appointment And Termination Of Office; Duties And Powers; Contractual Capacity Of Directors; Conflicts Of Interests. ( 3 Hours) 9) Shareholder Remedies; Board Of Directors And Division Of Power Between The Board And General Meetings. (3 Hours) 10) Company Secretary: Appointment; Role And Duties, Shareholders: Majority Control And The Rights Of Minorities, Auditors: Appointment And Re-Appointment; Duties, Removal, Resignation And Replacement. (3 Hours) 11) Company Meetings (Annual And Extraordinary General Meetings); Quorums, Resolutions, Votes, Proxies. (3 Hours) 12) Requirements Of The Content And Format Of The Company'S Accounts: Statutory Contents Of Companies Accounts: Stock Exchange Listing Rules And Accounting Related Issues. (3 Hours) 13) Captial And Financing Of Companies, Share Captial: Issue And Transfer Of Shares; Purchase And Redemption Of Shares; Dividends Including Scrip Dividend And Changes To Captial (3 Hours) 14) Loan Capital:Borrowing Powers; Types Of Debenture And Their Creation; Company Charges; Registration, Including Oversea Companies; Remedies Of Loan Creditors. (3 Hours) 15) Prospectuses, Transfer Of Business (Protection Of Creditiors) Ordinance, Share Repurchase Code (For Public Companeis) (3 Hours)