'Consumer Behaviour', 'Human Resources Management', 'Managerial Economics' And 'Marketing Management' - Four Modules From International Advanced Diploma In Business (Iadb) - Kaplan Higher Education (Hk) Limited

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    'Consumer Behaviour', 'Human Resources Management', 'Managerial Economics' And 'Marketing Management' - Four Modules From International Advanced Diploma In Business (Iadb) - Kaplan Higher Education (Hk) Limited












    ~Holders Of Ncc Education International Diploma In Business; Or ~Holders Of Any Local Or International Qualification At Diploma Level (Fully Completed) With Advanced Standing Agreement With Ncc Education; Or ~The First Year Of A Hong Kong Business Studies Degree Course Or Equivalent; Or ~Other Equivalent Qualification Agreed By Ncc Education, Uk. Alternative Routes ~Students With Relevant Prior Experience Or Learning (Apel) Deemed In Accordance With Ncc Education Policy, Which Are Inline With Naric Equivalences; Or ~Mature Students Aged 21 Or Over With A Business Related Qualification And A Minimum Of 2 Years Demonstrable Experience Of Work In Business. And ~English Language Requirements ~Ielts 5.5; Or ~Toefl 550; Or ~Ncc Education'S Placement Test With A Result Of Level 4.5 Or Above.


    Total Hrs: 12*3Hrs*4 = 144Hrs Managerial Economics (3 Hours Each Week) Week 1: The Nature And Scope Of Managerial Economics, Week 2: Types Of Analysis: Optimisation, Week 3: Risk Analysis, Week 4: Regression Analysis ,Week 5: Demand Theory ,Week 6: Demand Analysis And Forecasting,Week 7: Production Theory And Estimation, Week 8: Cost Theory And Estimation,Week 9: Linear Programming ,Week 10: Market Structure,Week 11: Pricing Practices,Week 12: Capital Budgeting, Public Goods And Cost-Benefit Analysis Marketing Management (3 Hours Each Week) Week 1: Marketing And Customer Relationships In He 21St Century, Week 2: Strategic Marketing Planning. Implementation And Control , Week 3: Buyer Behaviour In Consumer Markets, Week 4: Buyer Behaviour In Business Markets, Week 5: Competitive Advantage, Week 6: Market Segmentation, Week 7: Market Targeting, Week 8: Product Management, Week 9: Product Planning And Promotion Week 10: Design And Management Of Services, Week 11: Development Of Pricing Strategies, Week 12: Selecting And Managing Marketing Channels And Managing And Sales Force Consumer Behaviour (3 Hours Each Week) Week 1: Introduction To Consumer Behaviour Origins And Academic Foundations. Role Of Economics, Week 2: Psychology And Sociological Contributions To Understanding, Week 3: Attitudes, Formation, Change And Components Week 4: Culture, Its Components And Manifestations, Week 5: Innovation, Diffusion And Adoption Of New Products And Ideas. Week 6: Role Of Mr As An Aid To Decision Making And Risk Reduction. Week 7: Formulating A Research Plan, Analysis Of Problems, Creation Of Models/Hypotheses, And Generating Information, Week 8: Techniques Of Data Collection, Observation, Experiment And Survey. Week 9: Questionnaire And Sample Design. Week 10: Data Presentation In Both Written And Aural Format. Week 11: Segmentation Based On Customer, Market And Yield Criteria. Week 12: Methods Of Forecasting And Market Estimation. Human Resource Management (3 Hours Each Week) Week 1: Overview Of Hrm , Week 2: Resourcing, Week 3: Recruitment And Selection, Week 4: Strategic And Organisational Performance, Week 5: Individual And Team Performance, Week 6: Individual And Team Performance, Week 7: Leadership, Motivation, And Managing Absence. Week 8: Development. Week 9: Employee Relations, Week 10 Equality. Week 11: Pay And Incentives, Week 12: Cross-Functional Issues.