Business Law Of Hk And Prc (Module From Advanced Diploma In Business Management Programme) - School Of Professional And Continuing Education, Hku

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    Business Law Of Hk And Prc (Module From Advanced Diploma In Business Management Programme) - School Of Professional And Continuing Education, Hku








    33 HOURS (Part-time)




    Applicant Shall: (A) (I) Have Gained In Hkcee Grade E In 4 Subjects (Including Mathematics) And Level 2 In English Language*, Or Equivalent; And (Ii) One A-Level Pass Or Two As-Level Passes In Any Subject Or Other Equivalent Post-Secondary Qualifications; Or (B) Hold A Certificate In Business And Economics Awarded Within The Hku System Through Hku Space ; Or (C) Have Gained In The Hkdse Examination Level 2 In 5 Subjects Including English Language; Or (D) Be Aged 21 And Above. *With Effect Form 2007, Hku Space Recognizes Grade E Previously Awarded For English Language (Syllabus B) (Grade C In The Case Of Syllabus A) At Hkcee As An Acceptable Alternative To Level 2 In This Subject At Hkcee.


    1. Legal System Of Hong Kong (6 Hours) - Nature Of Law; Classification Of Law; Constitutional Structure And Relationship; Court System And Administration Of Justice; Basic Law Of The Hksar; Legislation And Making Of Law; Common Law And Equity; Judicial Precedent System; Interpretation Of Statute And Legal Professionals. 2. Law Of Employment And Law Of Tort (3 Hours) - Law Of Employment: Employer/ Employee Relationship; Duties Of Employer And Employee Under Common Law; Statutory Obligations Of Employer And Statutory Rights Of Employee; Termination Of Employment Contract; Remedies Available To Employees For Breach Of Employment Contracts And Prohibition Of Sex, Disability, Family Status And Race Discrimination. - Law Of Tort: Liability For Negligence; Business Related Torts; Vicarious Liability And General Defences. 3. Law Of Contract (3 Hours) - Formation Of Contract Including Course Content/ Contact Hours Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, Intention To Create Legal Relations And Capacity. -Terms Of Contact Including Express Term, Implied Term, Conditions, Warranties And Exemption Clauses. - Invalid Contract Including Misrepresentation, Mistake, Duress, Undue Influence And Illegality. - Discharge Of Contract; Remedies For Breach Of Contract And Assessment Of Damages. 4. Sale Of Goods Law (3 Hours) - Meaning And Classification Of Goods; Implied Terms Under The Sales Of Goods Ordinance; Transfer Of Possession And Property In Goods; Reservation Of Title Clauses; Delivery And Acceptance Of Goods And Remedies Available To Seller And Buyer. 5. Law Of Agency And Partnership Law (3 Hours) - Law Of Agency: Creation Of Agency; Authority Of Agent; Duties And Rights Of Agent; Principal And Agent'S Relationship With Third Party And Termination Of Agency. -Partnership Law: The Scope Of Partnership Ordinance; Nature And Formation Of Partnership; Internal Relations Between Partners; Liability Of Partners To Third Party And Termination Of Partnership. 6. Company Law (3 Hours) - Incorporation Of Company; Nature Of Legal Entity; Types Of Company; Memorandum And Articles Of Association; Share Capital; Loan Capital; Directors; Company Meetings; Rights Of Minority Shareholders And Company Liquidation. 7. China Legal System (3 Hours) -Socialist Legal System; Powers And Functions Of State Organisations; Sources And Hierarchy Of Law; People'S Courts; Procuratorate System; Judges And Lawyers. 8. Prc General Principles Of Civil Law And Prc Contact Law (3 Hours) - Introduction To Basic Principles Of Civil Law And Civil Acts; Formation Of Contract; Validity; Performance; Modification; Assignment; Termination; Remedies For Breach Of Contract And Specific Legislative Provisions Regulation Prescribed Sorts Of Contract In China 9. Prc Company Law (3 Hours) - Various Forms Of Companies; Incorporation Of Companies And Their Internal Structures; Registered Capital And Contributions Of Capital; Directors And Administration Of Companies; Issue And Transfer Of Shares; Accounting Regulation And Company Dissolution 10. Prc Labour Law (3 Hours) - Formation Of Labour Contract And Effect Of Labour Contract; Various Forms Of Labour Contract And Compulsory Provisions Of Labour Contract; Dissolution And Termination Of A Labour Contract; Legal Liabilities Of Employer; Remedies For Labour And Labour Dispute Resolution Methods. Total: 33 Hours